Darø a/s | Surprisingly clever design lighting

Darø A/S is a family-owned lighting company that’s driven by passion for the traditions of Danish design. At our core is high-quality lighting with a timeless and iconic style, winning international awards along the way. Presented to the world by Kjeld Darø in 1969, our company has an even longer history that can be traced right back to 1948, when Helmuth and Helga Darø sparked the family’s interest for lighting by designing and producing lampshades.

Today the second generation owns and manages the company; with great dedication to lamp design, we develop simple ways of creating life and happiness through our lighting. Darø’s design philosophy is based upon the small details that have a surprising impact thanks to their value-adding aesthetics and functionality.

Throwing new light on classical design, we challenge traditional perceptions by embracing new, original methods to develop our lamps. We take lighting to surprising new heights and look for inspiration in unexpected places. Our contemporary designers are the beating heart of Darø, creating original and unique solutions, and decoding the time we live in. Darø’s designs thrive in the present, while each one has the potential to become a future classic.

To us the future of lighting goes beyond design. We’re creating a bright universe filled with atmosphere and ambience, where quality and function are optimised in unity with elegant and aesthetic shapes. The future of designer lighting is inventive, and it’s more than just light. It’s efficient, yet sustainable. It’s well-designed, yet it breaks conventions. It’s traditional, yet innovative.

Welcome to Darø.


Darø a/s is 100% danish owned and a part of DRX Group logistics, which also has connections to the companies Raxon, Aska Nordic and Garrda.